NEW: Veteran Connection Class

Veteran Connection is about giving Veterans a chance to work out with other Veterans who are going through the same challenges. CrossFit is very prevalent in the military and has a lot of crossover into military training. With the Veteran Connection, we are offering a place to workout and a dedicated time for Vets to workout together. It's a safe and friendly environment that will challenge the athletes mentally and physically. The classes will be coach lead, hour long, with warm-ups and demonstrations. We believe that group fitness can be part of the solution for some of the issues facing returning Veterans. Veteran Connection can be a place of escape, a place to make buddies, a place to workout, and a place to have fun. This class is free to the athletes and is funded by Industrial CrossFit and private donations. Any and all returning Vets are welcome to enjoy. 

We will be hosting this class on the 1st Saturday of every month at 11:00 AM.

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Kamrin Peterson